Corral del Agua Outdoor center has a lot of experience in this field . Tranquil but strong and welltrained horses are available for a wide range of alternatives of horse back riding programs , depending on the experience , physical fitness and visitor’s desires . From basic trainning to half or full day riding tours , or even more ,usually to pristine and untouched high andean mountains lakes , sorrounded by huge endemic native forest.uniques in the world .

Horse back riding alternatives :


Big Malalco water fall tour: 2 hours
Corral del Agua, forest , river and middle mountain trail : half day.
Meeting condors in the highness: up the mountains in the Villarrica National
Reserve: full day
Hualalafqen lake & jurasic park, in the Villarrica National Reserve: full day
This can also be 2 days /1 nigth in camping site. Exploring and trekking highly recommended
Ride-at-the-limit tour: along the summit trail in the upper mountains of the National reserve to get majestic and impressive views from both , Chile and Argentina. Highly recommended: full day.
Meeting Cristóbal Neculpan familly: Riding softly along Maichin river toward Quiñenahuin, a Pehuenche village ( the native people from the place). Typical outdoor creole lunch at Cristóbal place , prepared and served by his familly . After lunch there is a 2 hours. Trekking tour guided by him and then ride back to Corral del Agua : full day.