GETTING THERE & MAPS If driving: just follow the instrucctions in the map .Corral del agua is about one hour driving fron Pucón. From Pucón until Curarrehue the road is paved and easy to make. Once in Curarrehue go until the end of the main street , cross a little bridge to the left and then straight ahead 8 km until Puente Basa (Basa Bridge ) . From Puente Basa until Puente Aguas Blancas , where the river must be crossed again to the right , there are 5 others km . From Puente Aguas Blancas , going straight ahead and always close to the Maichin riverside you will make 11 km until Corral del Agua . From Curarrehue to Corral del Agua (a total of 24 km to the north-east) the road is graved and normally in good conditions to be a country road ,nevertheless there are some small parts of the trail in worst conditions where driving must be slowly and carefully. Driving speed must be below 50 k/h and taking care from the curves .
Pick-up trucks or a four wheeldrive would be the best , however any car in good conditions can easily reach Corral del Agua .

By Bus: get a bus to Pucón ( JAC or TOUR Bus ) getting off the bus Terminal, where , arranged by e-mail in advance , you will be picked up and transferred to Corral del Agua .

By plane: fly directly to Temuco’s airport ( the capitol of the Araucania Region).There , arranged in advance by e-mail , you can both be transferred to Corral del Agua by our own means in a 2 hours driving trip or you can rent an appropiate car . That can also be arranged by us within some days in advance.