Corral del Agua - Malal-co in native language - located 850 km south of Santiago, Chile`s capitol- was born to be a protected private reserve and an outdoor center for ecoturism and adventure travel right in the most untouched and amazing area of the Araucanian Andes range : The big Villarrica Natural Reserve (73.000 has ). Impressive native and unique forest full of life , rocky mountains, milenary monkey puzzle jurasic trees , lakes , rivers & waterfalls will be found everywhere .
Not far from the main touristical and wellknown centers of Pucón and Villarrica in the lake district ( northern chilean Patagonia ) and very close to the Argentinian border , visiting Corral del Agua will allow you to enjoy the atonishing power of full nature and wildlife as well as a great diversity of ecotourism and adventure activities or just getting fully relaxed and disconnected from the stressing daily work and harmful effects of now-a-day life in the cities.. As the idea is getting you back to nature there is no regular electricity ( only battery and gas lamps ) as well as no TV or anything that could disturb or reduce your relaxing and disconneccting aims.

Three brand new mountain cabins in the middle of a forest and close to a river (each one for 6 pax ) an a small mountain lodge for 8 pax (and a future small camping area ) will provide the necessary basic commodities , privacy and services you need to let all your time available just for enjoying or resting , rock-a-by the flowing of the pristine waters of the Maichin river .



Get closer to nature & wildlife in the very heart of the southern Andes